Beyond Food

November 27, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

I REALLY wanted to like this, but it is just stories I really wanted to like this film, and for the most part, I found it interesting to listen to, but it just completely misses the delivery of most anything that you can use to improve your nutrition, life style, wellbeing, or happiness. Now, it TALKS about all those things, and it was interesting to hear some of the things that people are engaged with or thinking about in the health community, but I found myself relegated to trying to write down the names of people, or the name of their book, or…

Anonymous says:

Terribly boring rambling with very little real information Terribly boring rambling with very little real information. It feels like something someone done by someone who has no idea how to tell a story or edit together a video.

Anonymous says:

Really painful to watch I support the basic themes expressed here, but this doc is so disjointed and all over the map that it ends up going on and on and on without ever actually saying anything at all. Really painful to watch.

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